IQOS UK: A Guide to Heated Tobacco Product

iqos uk

Does that make you a smoker in the UK trying to find out a tobacco product that may be less risky for your health? Other tobacco products that produce the vapor can also be considered, including a line of heated tobacco products under the name of iqos uk developed by Philip Morris International. Information on activity of iqos uk, its use, advantages over cigarettes, and what is currently known about its use in Great Britain one can find in the article.

What is IQOS?

IQOS Uk tobacco heating system is a product that is used for heat not burns tobacco. Unlike cigarettes that burn tobacco, IQOS heats tobacco sticks (HEETS) to release a nicotine-filled vapor. This avoids combustion, skipping the tar and other harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

How Does IQOS Work?

Using IQOS is a simple process:

Insert a HEETS tobacco stick: Technically, the structure of the IQOS device holder contains a place in which a HEETS stick has to be inserted.

  1. Press the button and heat: The conventional way is to press the button on the IQOS device to initiate the heating element. There is another light which alerts the user that it is ready to be utilised.
  2. Inhale the vapour: After the light up, draw the vapor that is generated by the HEETS stick in a soft manner.
  3. Dispose of the HEETS stick: In case of using the HEETS stick, upon completion, discard it into an ashtral vessel and adeqely dispose it.

Important Note: Here, we have mentioned IQOS is not risk-free product. It includes nicotine – a substance that causes excitement or pleasure and thus the ability to cause dependence.

Potential Benefits of IQOS Compared to Cigarettes

  • Reduced Exposure to Harmful Chemicals: IQOS focuses on harm reduction. It heats tobacco, generating less smoke and ash than cigarettes. This avoids burning and its harmful chemicals. Therefore, users are likely to be in contact with least concentration of these harmful chemicals present in cigarettesmoke.
  • Less Smell: While using IQoS there is little smell produced as compared to when one is using cigarettes. This can be a real advantage for the employing user as well as his/her surroundings.
  • Consistent and Controlled Nicotine Experience: IQOS controls nicotine delivery by heating tobacco to a specific range. This ensures a steady and measured release of nicotine into the smoker’s system, unlike the sharp spike caused by cigarettes.
  • Reduced Fire Risk: In addition, IQOS is a method of heating tobacco with no burning involved and therefore eliminates the chance of an open flame which is evident in the traditional cigarettes.

IQOS in the UK: Regulations and Availability

Being a newcomer in the British market, IQOS currently lacks several key advantages held by its more established competitors. Additionally, the long-term health effects of IQOS are still under investigation.

IQOS isn’t marketed to quit smoking in the UK (future approval possible). PHE sees it as a lower-risk alternative, not a cessation tool.IQOS sales are UK-only and for those 18+. IQOS devices and HEETS sticks are available at IQOS Points of Sale or other authorized retail outlets.

FAQs about IQOS UK

Q: Is IQOS completely risk-free?

A: It is important to note that IQOS is not a non-harmful product however, it can be regarded as the better and healthier version of cigarettes and smokers can use it. In this, it comprises nicotine, a substance that is often associated with the addictive substance.

Q: Can IQOS help me quit smoking?

A: Though, it can be suggested that IQOS is less hazardous than cigarettes, it is not considered snuff out smoking tool in the UK. The best health outcome is achieved when quitting smoking completely according to the guideline from Public Health England.

Q: Where can I buy IQOS in the UK?

A: IQOS devices and HEETS sticks are available to buy from specially trained store staff in licensed stores and cannot be sold to under 18s in the UK.

Q: How much does IQOS cost?

A: As for the price, IQOS devices and HEETS sticks may be differentiated by the dealer as well.


IQOS offers a potentially lower-risk alternative for UK adult smokers, but remember, it’s not risk-free. It still contains addictive nicot

Before changing to IQOS or vaping, it is crucial to assess the available pros and cons of making the transition. You should also refer your healthcare provider if you want to know whether you could quit smoking using IQOS.Please always remember that it is more effective to quit smoking than to reduce its quantity.

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